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Entry #3

I don't really have a new post

2008-07-24 16:02:48 by Kirby7777344

I wish I had something to type here!
But I don't.

I have been lurking all day now.
:D There is something I need to get happy about!!!
I don't know what that is though. :( ):


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2008-09-26 17:38:47

To make you happy... want a cookie?


2009-03-08 16:44:51

there is one thing that you should be happy about. i voted 9/10 on your latest song. :D


2009-03-08 17:31:33

if you wanna post stuff post when sings come out or somtin
hmm but i haz not cookie


2009-05-27 20:19:47

Well...I used your "Mentos - The Message Taker" for my answering machine...


2010-10-11 14:37:34

i wish i had something besides porn to put in mine.